Shandong Fangyu Run Oil Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009 with a registered capital of 530 million yuan, is a production of lubricating base oils and finished lubricants based production and processing enterprises. The company is located in Linzi district in Zibo City, Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, south of Highway 102, south Jinan Railway, north of State Road 309 and the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, strategic location, convenient transportation...[MORE]


                                  FANG YU LUBRICATING OIL
                                  FANGYU LUBRICANT


                                  Persistent cleaning Cold start High temperature lubrication

                                  Good extreme pressure anti-wear, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, to provide comprehensive protection gear, extend the service life;

                                  It has excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance, extended drain intervals;

                                  Good demulsibility, low temperature fluidity.

                                  Implementation of standards:GB13895-1992(2004)
                                  The burden of vehicle gear oil
                                  API CJ-4 (4L 16L 18L)
                                  API SN (1L 4L)
                                  High-performance gasoline engine oil
                                  Implementation of standards:GB11121-2006

                                  Using high-quality synthetic oil, the unique formula of environmental protection, improve fuel economy;

                                  Extend the life of catalytic converters means;

                                  Provide a more lasting security for EFI engine with a turbocharger for a vehicle to play lasting power;

                                  Excellent low temperature start-up performance and high temperature lubrication performance for all-weather use;

                                  Excellent wear resistance, reduce wear and extend engine life.

                                  Lasting powerImprove economy Reduce wear

                                  CAR OIL ARTICLES
                                  Versatile heavy-duty diesel engine oils
                                  Implementation of standards:GB11122-2006

                                  Unique all-additive technology to reduce engine wear, reduce oil consumption, significantly reduce maintenance costs;

                                  Excellent low temperature performance, easy start, excellent high temperature performance, easy to start, excellent high temperature performance, high temperature engine in the long run to tell, provide a strong impetus to meet the Euro III emission standard engine lubrication requirements.

                                  Reduce wear Prolong life Reduce fuel

                                  API CH-4 (4L 18L)
                                  Implementation of standards:GB23971-2009

                                  Excellent thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation stability, long life;

                                  Thermal conductivity, good high specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity;

                                  High initial boiling point, high flash point, a narrow range of fractions, not coke, easy to plug the pipeline

                                  Good low temperature fluidity;

                                  Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-ferrous metal and black no corrosion and material system has good compatibility.

                                  High specific heat capacity Not easy to coke Good mobility

                                  Industrial Oil
                                  Industrial enclosed gear oil

                                  Wear rust Demulsibility Thermal stability

                                  Implementation of standards:GB 5903-201

                                  The products use special purification. Low viscosity base oil, adding high-performance antioxidant additives careful blend of non-toxic substances;

                                  Good thermal stability and oxidation stability, prevents the use of the process of the formation of acids and sludge, extend the life of electrical equipment;

                                  Excellent electrical insulation properties, high breakdown voltage, low dielectric loss factor, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of discharge and power loss under high voltage electric field.

                                  Implementation of standards:GB2536-2011
                                  Transformer Oil

                                  Excellent extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, gear to provide comprehensive protection, extended service life

                                  Good anti-emulsification, anti-foam

                                  Good thermal stability, oxidation resistance, slowing the decay rate of the oil, extended drain intervals

                                  Wear rust Oxidation resistance Reduce Megatron

                                  Corporate philosophy articles

                                  Fang Yurun oil, oil industry, Shandong Province Association unit, the product through the API (American Petroleum Institute) certification, VOLVO (Volvo) quality certification, product technical support provided by the Afton (Afton United States), committed to most cost-effective scientific lubrication solutions. National toll-free Hotline: 400-659-9336. Welcomed the inquiry, we will provide you with information consulting, product ordering, customer service, after-sales support and other services...